Week in Review 04.11.2015

This week we slowed down just a little. And by slowed down, I mean we didn’t have something scheduled EVERY day, just most days!

Saturday afternoon took us to Kirkwood where we had the honor of photographing Blake Casey. Blake plays hockey and golf for Fox High School and is pretty dang good at most anything he tries, including modeling 🙂


Sunday was Easter and we did as most folks do, attended a worship service at our church, The Crossing in Fenton (here’s a shameless plug for the church we call home….click here to check it out!). After church we headed up to Jefferson Barracks to say hi to Ron’s uncle, who was so much more than just an uncle to him. 11102777_10153144740427040_6163482181282559928_n

After our visit to JB, we came home took naps and watched Netflix the rest of the day. We also dined on the traditional ham and all the sides. All around it was a nice relaxing day for both of us, and something we really needed! Keeping up with the goings on in Northern Jefferson County is no easy task!

Monday was gorgeous and so was our model! THE Taylor Bratton chose us to take her Senior Pictures and, boy, did that make us feel like a million bucks! I tell you what, this girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. Taylor is involved in so much at school and excels at being awesome!


FYI, Taylor will sign autographs if you ask nicely. After seeing these, I know you’ll all want one!

Tuesday, we saw the inside of the Northwest High School gym again as we photographed the NHS Boys Volleyball Team. I’m not sure why, but every time we photo a boys team, things go south….QUICKLY. Here’s a few outtakes from the silliness that ensued.


Just to answer a few of your questions, Yes, that young man is pretending the volleyballs are muscles. Yes that young man is pretending to be some sort of cat and claw the ball. I don’t know why that young man chose to pose like that, but no, mom, that will not be his individual image. Yes, he is pretending the volleyball is a baby. I think that young man was just looking for a pose out of the norm. And I have absolutely no comment for the last image.

Moving on…..

Wednesday we were supposed to photo golf, but the weather had other plans.

Thursday took Ron back out to Northwest High School for Girls Soccer and Boys Volleyball. What a game soccer was!! The Lady Lions pulled out the win in the end, but rumor has it the game was pretty amazing.

Fox v NW GS

The volleyball game was pretty good too, but seriously, you guys don’t bounce the ball off your head like that girl up there, and you don’t have braids that do that either 🙂

fox v nw bvb

You do jump pretty high though, so that’s cool! The Lions were able to bring home a win in the gym that night too!

Friday we spent the day editing news assignments and other images.

Saturday morning Ron once again spent some time at Northwest High School for the NHS Track Invitational. Fox, Seckman and, of course, Northwest were among the teams represented in this 20 team invitational. Word on the street is there were some new PRs set out there and Seckman even had RWRigdon Images SuperModel Allison Cruts break a record!

NHS Track Invite

Thanks for following our little ol’ company & supporting us! We certainly couldn’t do this without you!!

-Ron & Lisa