2019 Eureka Wildcats Football
A couple Fridays ago we captured images from the Eureka Wildcats football game against the Lindbergh Flyers. Sorry we’re delayed in posting images from this game, no excuses, my fault.  This game featured one of the greatest things in all of sports!  It was played on beautiful. lush, green, natural […]

Football | Eureka Wildcats vs. Lindbergh Flyers

Grace Ganz - Eureka Wildcats
One of the sports we don’t really get the chance to photograph very often is field hockey. Last week one of the best female sports photographers in all of America, our very own Lisa Rigdon, captured images from the Lafayette Lancers & Eureka Wildcats game.  I don’t know how these […]

Field Hockey | Lafayette Lancers vs. Eureka Wildcats

Fox Warriorettes - Alyssa O'Neill
Friday night we covered a couple of football games in the area.  Mrs. Rigdon was at Lindbergh High School covering the Eureka Wildcats game against the Flyers, while I was at Fox High School covering the game between the Marquette Mustangs and the Fox Warriors.  One thing is for sure, […]

Football | Marquette Mustangs vs. Fox Warriors

Northwest Lions - Erica Schamel
We are loaded with good volleyball in our area this year.  My former classmate & current head coach of the Northwest Lions has her girls firing on all cylinders.  The Lions are 18-5 this season and look to be charging hard into the post season.  They will be a team […]

Girls Volleyball | Seckman Jaguars vs. Northwest Lions

Alexi Sanchez - Northwest Lions
So, way back on September 23rd I covered the Northwest Lions vs. Seckman Jaguars softball game.  Although it wasn’t an assignment for the Leader I wanted to make sure to capture some of the action between two of the schools we do team and individual photography.   This was a wild […]

Softball | Northwest Lions vs. Seckman Jaguars

Trey Davis - Northwest Lions
This past Friday night the Lafayette Lancers traveled to Cedar Hill’s Northwest High School to take on the Lions.  The end result was not what the Lions would have hoped for on homecoming, but that’s not to say they didn’t play with heart.  There were good moments for the Lions, […]

Football | Lafayette Lancers vs. Northwest Lions

Northwwest Jr. Lions - Ehren Elliott
A couple of Friday nights ago I covered the Northwest Lions & Seckman Jaguars football game.  On the sideline helping out the Lions was one of the greatest future Lions who will ever play the game, the future GREAT Jayden Green! He mentioned to me in casual conversation that the […]

Football | Farmington Renegades vs. Northwest Jr. Lions

Eureka Wildcats - Mason Meyers
This past Friday night the amazing Mrs. Lisa Rigdon covered the Parkway South Patriots and Eureka Wildcats football game.  As many people in the St. Louis area know right now the Parkway South football team has been struggling with injuries this season and even had to cut one of their […]

Football | Parkway South Patriots vs. Eureka Wildcats

Windsor Owls - Fandom
Caught some intense volleyball action this week between the Hillsoboro Hawks and the Windsor Owls.  I was very impressed with the play Sophia Marchetti from Hillsboro.  She seemed to be everywhere on the court.  That said, Windsor WAS everywhere on the court taking 2 straight from the Hawks on their […]

Volleyball | Hillsboro Hawks vs. Windsor Owls