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Cheapseats Photo
Well hello Cheapseats Photo Nation. A lot has happened over the course of this past year and we need to get caught up. Looking back I realize that the last time we wrote something for everyone my son Matt was just about to leave for Iraq. We were only the […]

We’ve missed you #CheapseatsPhotoNation

This week we slowed down just a little. And by slowed down, I mean we didn’t have something scheduled EVERY day, just most days! Saturday afternoon took us to Kirkwood where we had the honor of photographing Blake Casey. Blake plays hockey and golf for Fox High School and is […]

Week in Review 04.11.2015

Hey CSP fans! Are you looking for images of your favorite athlete? Well look no further. Near the top of our page (under our name), you’ll see a few different options. When you hover over those options, you’ll get a drop down menu. You’ll either need to hover over your […]

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