Football | Eureka Wildcats vs. Lindbergh Flyers

A couple Fridays ago we captured images from the Eureka Wildcats football game against the Lindbergh Flyers. Sorry we’re delayed in posting images from this game, no excuses, my fault.  This game featured one of the greatest things in all of sports!  It was played on beautiful. lush, green, natural grass! We really miss those awesome games played in the rain and in the mud.  Made for some amazing old fashioned football imagery.  That said, there was not enough rain on October 4th for mud.  Too sad.  There was a pretty good football game though.  The Wildcats came out on top 37-14.  As usual, Carter Davis was awesome slinging the ball all over the field.  Jhalon Asher-Sanders is having one heck of a senior year (can’t wait to see him play basketball this winter).  Oh! And there’s Teddy Bielecki, this young man LOVES football!  We feel super blessed to cover the Wildcats each game.  Great young men, led by great coaches, playing for a great community.  We really feel they’re going to go far in the post season.  Enjoy these images, we enjoyed capturing them.

P.S. – STL High School Sport’s David Kvidahl did an awesome story on Zach Valentine last week, if you haven’t read it here is the link.  Awesome story – Zach Valentine Story


Game Link: Eureka Wildcats vs. Lindbergh Flyers

Trace Ruckman - Eureka Wildcats

Trace Ruckman – Eureka Wildcats

Alex Duerfahrd - Eureka Wildcats

Alex Duerfahrd – Eureka Wildcats

Eureka Wildcats - Zach Valentine

Eureka Wildcats – Zach Valentine

2019 Eureka Wildcats Football

2019 Eureka Wildcats Football