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In case we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, our names are Ron and Lisa Rigdon (that’s us down below ⬇️ ) and we’ve been in this business about 15 years. We are currently the Team and Individual Photographers for Fox, Northwest and Seckman High Schools; do all the banner work for Bayless, Hancock, and Rosati-Kain High Schools; service Fontbonne and Missouri Baptist Universities, as well as photographing Team, Individual and Action for Jefferson College.  Then we spend our free time photographing for Leader Publications. Just kidding! Well, we do photograph for Leader Publications, but in our free time, we like to visit our kiddos and grandbabies, kayak, get Fritz’s with our BFF’s and watch Parks & Rec.

Ron was raised mostly in Jefferson County, a Fox ‘88 graduate and a Lindenwood Lion for life! While Lisa was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and wears the title of Boilermaker like a badge. Now we call Jefferson County home and LOVE being involved in such a great community.

In an effort to stay relevant in our industry, we are constantly learning and always expanding our line of products. The equipment we use to photograph your children is the same equipment used on the sidelines of professional sports everywhere.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at ron@cheapseatsphoto.com or lisa@cheapseatsphoto.com. Or give us a call at 314.402.9014.

We look forward to seeing you at sporting events!!!

Ron & Lisa Rigdon

Cheap Seats Photography Owners

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