Football | Farmington Renegades vs. Northwest Jr. Lions

A couple of Friday nights ago I covered the Northwest Lions & Seckman Jaguars football game.  On the sideline helping out the Lions was one of the greatest future Lions who will ever play the game, the future GREAT Jayden Green! He mentioned to me in casual conversation that the next morning at 10:30AM his jr. Lions would be playing a game at Northwest High School.  I thought about my schedule the next day.  It was loaded! Had to cover a ton of events at the 2019 Arnold Days Celebration at Arnold City Park for Leader Publications (weekly, never weakly!).  Then I accepted a last minute assignment at the Big River VFW Hall in Cedar Hill.  A charity BBQ to honor & raise money for our first responders via the BackStoppers.  Well, the stars aligned and I was able to divide my day up and shoot some morning events in Arnold, drive to Cedar Hill, and then back to Arnold.  As I drove by Northwest High School I noticed a youth football game going on and remembered the words of my little buddy Jayden! I stopped in and captured some of the most intense football images of the season thus far.  Sadly for the Jr. Lions the score at the end of this game did not reflect what they would have liked, but they did win in the image department because their photographer out photographed the Renegades photographer :), and really, at the end of the day isn’t that all that matters? Jayden and the Lions played they’re hearts out and left it all on the field. They’re always going to be champions in my mind!  Can’t wait to see these guys when they get to high school. 🙂 The link to all of the images is below, just an fyi we fully edit the images upon purchase.

– Ron

Link: Farmington Renegades vs Northwest Jr. Lions

Jayden Green - Northwest Jr. Lions

Jayden Green – Football maniac!

Jayden Green - Northwest Jr. Lions

Jayden Green prepares to bring the thunder for the Northwest Jr. Lions

Northwest Jr. Lions

The Northwest Jr. Lions take the field with fearless abandon.

Pep talk - Northwest Jr. Lions

The Jr. Lions get final instructions before taking on the Renegades

Northwwest Jr. Lions - Ehren Elliott

The Jr. Lions Ehren Elliott (10) following their game against the Farmington Renegades