Volleyball | Hillsboro Hawks vs. Windsor Owls

Caught some intense volleyball action this week between the Hillsoboro Hawks and the Windsor Owls.  I was very impressed with the play Sophia Marchetti from Hillsboro.  She seemed to be everywhere on the court.  That said, Windsor WAS everywhere on the court taking 2 straight from the Hawks on their home court.  The Owls Senior libero Ally Moore brought a ton of energy to the match and was fired up the entirety of both sets.  Taylor Duncan set the ball as good an anyone I’ve ever covered.  Make sure you look for more details from this game & of course my photos in this week’s Leader.  If you would like to see all of the images I captured please check out the link below.  Remember we will full edit images that are purchased from our website! Have a great week everyone.

Ron Rigdon | Cheapseats Photo

Link: http://bit.ly/hilsb-wins-gvb2019

Grace Ringling - Hillsboro Hawks

Grace Ringling – Hillsboro Hawks serves to the Windsor Owls

Windsor Owls - Fandom

A Windsor Owls fan cheers for her favorite team and her sister!

Ally Moore - Windsor Owls

Ally Moore – Windsor Owls and teammates celebrate their victory

Hillsboro Hawks

Hillsboro Hawks girls volleyball team regroup in a time out during their match against Windsor